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Hijinks Children's Show

A Rambunctious and Boisterous Carry On... 

About: The Hijinks production is a laugh-out-loud, interactive children’s game show aimed at 7 - 11 year olds and families. Hijinks is co-hosted by the fun-loving and mischievous duo, Hi and Jinks, who have fun banter, an unpredictable nature and dance moves to show. Dance moves created by children and games are what hides behind every square on the giant dancing grid. Every show, two dance crews reveal each move as they compete to win and learn this week’s Hijinks Pick ‘N’ Mix! Expect an exciting whirlwind of Hijinks mayhem where anything can happen and probably will.… 2 teams, 4 games, 8 moves, Hijinks winners!


The Brief: Working in partnership with Peanuts Talent, a brand identity was created which celebrates the optimism and fun-loving nature of children, reflects high energy, chaotic fun and most importantly be exciting enough to capture the imagination of children and families. The show concept and dance moves were developed and auditions were held amongst young actors for the starring roles of 'Hi' and 'Jinks.'


A film shoot was required to create footage of the dance moves performed by Hi and Jinks and sound effects and voiceovers were recorded. The footage and sound recordings became the component parts to the giant, dancing digital grid for the live shows.


Children can watch and learn the dance moves online and then choreograph their own moves together known as the Hijinks Pick ‘N’ Mix. Children are also invited to create and send in their own dance move creations which generates the content for the next show. Graphics for the stage, goody bags and winners medals were also designed.

Services: Brand Identity  //  Art Direction and Show Concept Design  //  Website Design  //  Iconography  //  Stage Graphics  //  Merchandising   //  Social Media Graphics  //  Posters & Leaflets

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