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The D Project Dance Company

Inspire | Develop | Educate | Access

About: The D Project is a UK dance company delivering quality dance across the Tees Valley and the North East who focus on both education and community. They actively promote Dance in Education and provide a variety of packages and workshops for nurseries, schools, colleges and community groups. They also create engaging performances aimed at families and facilitate community dance events which meet the needs of local authorities, organisations and the public. 


The Brief: Working alongside the founders, Waller Creative modernised the brand by creating a dynamic and fun identity which celebrated their work and community focus. The D shape within the logo has become a creative space in itself where anything can happen…. where stories are told, where imagination runs free, where ideas come to life and where people are inspired to dance no matter what their age or ability.

Services: Rebrand  //  Brand Messaging  //  Iconography // Social Media Graphics  //  Performance Posters

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