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Suitcases Project: Hit The Ground Running Dance Theatre Company

About: Suitcases is the second part of Hit The Ground Running's Trilogy of works. After receiving a full commission from Dance City, ‘Suitcases’ is currently in development and will premier in 2021. Working in collaboration with Jon Crispin, a Massachusetts based photographer, this performance is inspired by his upcoming exhibition, ‘The Willard Suitcases’.


Project History: In 1995, The Willard Asylum, New York, closed its doors after a century of treating those deemed unfit for civilised society. Discovered in an attic, the suitcases of 427 Willard patients were found. Beautifully preserved epitaphs to a few of those who lived and died at the Willard asylum and a poignant remembrance of the lives they left outside. Drawing inspiration from four of the suitcases found, Hit The Ground Running’s new theatrical performance is a moving exploration of the people behind the suitcases and plays homage to innocent lives lived and lost to madness.


The Brief: Waller Creative was briefed with creating a thought-provoking promotional campaign for Suitcases. The campaign needed to communicate the extraordinary story behind this unique theatrical performance to create intrigue amongst theatre goers.


Services: Campaign Concept // Direct Mail Posters  //  Touring Packs  //  Social Media Graphics

Photography and Film:  Anna Miller Photography // Hype Film

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